Wrightson Jobs
Working practice
In order to help you with the recruitment of a certain position, our working procedure will be as follows:

Phase 1: Agreement
Agreement of the job specification and experience required.

Phase 2: Elaboration of the Target Companies List
In-house research, in parallel with the examination of published reports and reference books coupled with obtaining suggestions from relevant individuals within the relevant sector whom are contacts of the firm. This involves confidential discussions with our contacts, outlining the scope of the job, but not revealing the name of the client. The Initial Target Company report will be presented to the Client prior to commencing the research.

Phase 3: Elaboration of the Target Candidates List
Research the target companies in order to set up the initial list of potential candidates.

Phase 4: Candidate Interviews
Contacting and interviewing potential candidates.

Phase 5: Elaboration of the Short-List of candidates

Phase 6: Final Negotiations
Negotiation, agreement and formal reference checking.

Note: At the end of each phase we review with you and agree on the implementation of the subsequent phases.

Wrightson Romania guarantees for the new employee for a period of one year, for the top management positions.

That is, during this guarantee period following the hiring of the candidate, should the candidate be obliged to leave the Client’s organisation for reasons which question the quality of his recruitment, Wrightson Romania may commit themselves to undertake a new search without charging any extra fee.

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