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Executive Search
Own specific research (dedicated consultants for certain business areas, personal relationships, sources and contacts within respective business, published reports and business-related data analysis).

No newspaper and magazines advertisement.

No disclosure of our client’s intention and of the situation within the company. Competition and other business “actors” cannot track company intentions.
Same for own employees (especially when a certain employee has to be dismissed and replaced with someone from outside the company).

Thorough discussions with the employer, made by consultants with expertise in the respective field, will result into the exact profile of the needed candidate and also into specifics of the respective job.

We can exactly appraise a potential candidate’s ability to succeed in his new challenge.

We can make a very targeted “hunt” (many times towards people which are not in imminence to change their present job).

Very often we avoid candidates “skilled” in CV placement. Due to our work procedures, we also obtain unbiased references.

In case of long-term cooperation we come more attuned to our Client’s philosophy.

High success rate of our approach. Also superior results in case of specific domains (niche domains).

Customized fee. Many times equals the cost in case of working with regular recruitment agencies which advertise in media (advertisement paid by client).

Very good cost / result ratio.

Gather and analyze business – related data and industry reports.

Accurate interpretation of the candidate’s former work results.

Avoid situations in which candidates with questionable work results but with good “selling skills” sell themselves well or submit incomplete information regarding those results.

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