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About us
The UK based Wrightson Group, having commenced the activities in 1981 as a sectorial Oil & Gas services provider, specialises in senior-level executive searches for clients throughout Europe.

Having opened the first Central European Wrightson Urquhart office in Prague in 1992 we are able to offer not only an expert understanding of the region and its businesses to our clients, but also offer specialist advice to enterprises considering starting operations in the region.

The local Romanian company was established in Bucharest at the beginning of 1997 as a subsidiary of the Wrightson Group.

Currently, the company’s network of offices covers the Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and United Kingdom.

In Eastern Europe we are one of the leading Executive Search firms, using the widely established method of “Head Hunting/Executive Search” for middle and top management positions.

Through this we can locate the most suitable managers and specialists according to the needs of our clients in their various areas of business.

This method covers direct and specific selection, obtaining and checking references and our personal recommendation of all potential candidates.

Considering our knowledge of both Western and Eastern European Markets we are able to work effectively in any business sector and combining this with our specific, direct approach to candidates, we are able to produce an exact selection of individuals as compared to regular recruitment or placement agencies.

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